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November 16th, 2004

10:11 pm - selfish me
alright ive been pretty damn stupid lately saying blah blah blah everybody hates me look at me i need attention blah ho kay now since i got that out im sorry, ok today was fun i kinda like just did the normal hole school thing counter strike sourced came out today :) but i dont under stand, why my computer has to suck ass... i need a new one for x-mass harry potter just automatically well im gunna go later all <3 to all of my pimps and pimpettes
Current Mood: impressedhahah funny mousey look
Current Music: techno

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November 11th, 2004

10:21 pm - HOLLA
whats up nigs? nothing here just chillen being kinda lonely? i dunno i've just been thinking about whats been going on lately and how nobdoy reads this cuz if yall did... then i dunno, but i dont feel like wasting my time for nothing... this isnt doing anything for me so fuck it thug life

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November 10th, 2004

07:27 pm - no where to run
well... im sitting here watching we were soldiers hmmh i didnt go to school today becuase i felt sick... then once schoool got out me and treva dogg went over to nate's and hit a cone on the way0... but once i was at nates for some reason i got depressed, which really sucks cuz i usually dont become depressed over their, but ya i feeel like i got friends, but their just annoyed by me so i really dont wanna bother them anymore? i dunno bulakdjfl;abjf but i noticed how much of a mood changes i go thoguh the days .. its all in my head i dunno what im talking about ill update this later?
Current Mood: coldcold, and annoying

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November 9th, 2004

09:08 pm - thank you.
ok... its been a few hours since i've writen in here last, so i figured i would do it now.. ok, so last night my dad got me and we went out to a really weird restrant the waiters and waitresses' main point was to be mean to you, so it was really funny expt for when she hit my drink all over me... stupid bitch, ok now sinec i got that out, today went by soo weird it seemed like some periods went by alot slower than others, all i kinda relized last night though once i was depressed once again, on the hour car drive was that im thankful to have my friends, and im glad where im at i wanna make more, but i mean i dunno, i just wanna say thanks to all of yall... blah so once i got home i went up to the mall with alex to get another benie cuz i left mine in class then by the time that i went back to get it.. it was already gone, but ya so at the mall nuffin new but i saw ashley ward, its really weird to me once i see somebody who i've seen in school like some where out of school.. that i usually dotn talk too or hang out with, it makes me feel aqkword, but ya so im listening to box car racers.. vroom.. and about to drink a dr. pepper and go to sleep, thx again yall... p.s. im jellious of ur tattoo, u know who u are!! --- TJ
Current Mood: sickst. pat's day mousey
Current Music: box car racers- there is :)

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November 8th, 2004

05:13 pm - waiting for my dad to pick me up
ok, well while im waiting here ... since i have been since about an hour and 15 minutes ago... i deicded that ill probibly just write in here, ok so this weekend went good i just did the normal hung owut with friends had fun blah went to go see the musical for dezi with miranda shelly jimmy amy sidni, i dont think that their was anybody else their hmm then yesterday kinda just sat around it would suck not to have parents... i didnt notice how much i relyed on them untill i was here with no food no milk for my cerial and a couple of starving buddys of mine.. they acutlly do alot for us kids :-\ belive it or not.. hmm well today was arligth i had a sore throat and was extreamly tired... OMG NATE AND SHEA ARE BACK TOGETHER!!! yay w00 im soo excited :) <my happy face :) their it is again.. well i think im gunna sit here for a few more and let my stomach eat its self --- we need to hang out more.. *mir amy sidni dezi* <3 TJ
Current Mood: geekywhat a hard core pimp mouse
Current Music: zombie nation

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November 7th, 2004

12:02 am
well... im very happy right now i dunno why i just am :) go happy me... hmmh well tonight i wetnt o go see suzical the musical haha it was good... i was extreamly confused though thats the non cool part i would of liked it more if i could hear stuff.. but i never can but when iw as in their with miranda amy sidni shelly and jimmy all sitting their i noticed how life is good... and i got the bestest friends in the world and couldnt as for any better than waht i got so then we went to star bucks and me and daniel rode around for a few then i wond up at adams house.. and then i came home w0 yay go me ill talk to yall later good night TJ
Current Mood: blankyep :) one happy mouse
Current Music: 3rd harry potter movie

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November 3rd, 2004

10:25 pm - blah
the only reason of why im updating this is cuz... i dunno i want somebody to talk to about all of this shit but yet i feel as if nobdoy is their? i dunno i guess if u read this then i feel like i can open up to ya.. but alk;doieuf i dunno i feel like a loner... im not gay... then some people say that oo im just joking, its not joking if u call me it every day then all of htese other ass hats start calling me gay too, im not blaming u it all started by me pircing my belly button just becuase it was something uniuqike that i watned cuz u dont see very many guys with them.. i still want it done too taht doesnt mean that ur gay though, then somebody *not saying names* is mad at me for something, i dont know what i did i guess i just get annoying and people just want me to leave them alone, it just kinad sucks when u say hi they dont say anything then by to them and they dont say anything :-\ i cant do anything about it, it feels good to get thsi shit off of my chest but i know yall hate hearing about it so im out .. later nigs <x3 FREE.IGBY!!! *hope everything goes good 2marrow*
Current Mood: amusedlook at that cute mousey
Current Music: deftones change

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08:34 pm - south park <3
alright today went by sooo quickly TOMARROW IS ALREAYD THURSDAY! u dont know how crazy that is it went by soo quickly... blah im soo tired LOL HAHAHAHAHHAAH this is soo funny hahahahah soo funny, well today went by quickly once i got home i did nothing expt for cs... i <3 u nate for that pretty comment u left me in my last journal <3 so im deffeintly gunna try to get my hands on super troopers, if u have it... will up lease tell me if i can barrow it.. <3 thanks im gunna go work otu or somethign later nibs. <3 TJ
Current Mood: amusedim amused
Current Music: eminem mosh

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November 1st, 2004

08:59 pm - about to get emphazeema in my beema
this weekend was soo good, i couldnt possibuly ask for any better, with all of my friends and everything i loved it :) woo yay ok... well sunday i kinda just stayed at nates untill 3 ish then once i got home my mom took up my weighloss pills evidently while i was out... and now refuse's to talk to me, alright so mee jeff ryan treva and grant went trick or treating to lindz's house last night soo fun :) gotta love lindz loo then 2day at school nothing major happened kinda just saw friends talked to others i wisht hat we could just go their to see people then i wetn to alex's house cuz today is his 16th b-day HAPPY B-DAY TROUGER! and i just got back not to long ago... im pretty tired but fuck it thug life... im gunna just go listen to some more music later peeps <3 TJ
Current Mood: blanki love that mousey
Current Music: lo fidelity allstars battleflag

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October 31st, 2004

03:14 pm - update
ok last night was soo cool i <3d all of it, today i woke up earlly and then just sat around untill right about now im soo mad im pretty sure that my mom is gunna kick me out of hte house some time this week.. fuck that biatch... i met shea she's soo cool her and nate are a perfict couple <3 tonight im not for sure what im gunna do... i feel like nobody wants me arouind them anymore like maybe i've gotten too anoying or something i dunno what to tel ya <3 tj... i still want pudding
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: i dont give a fuck... lil jon and mystical

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